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Fall Funkiness

A different look at fall foliage

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Random Arsty Fartsy Shots

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Examples of my work hanging in shows.

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Gallery Wrap Canvas Examples

Some examples of what the finished product looks like with the image p ...

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Camera Awesome Photos

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I'm a Mortgage Loan Officer by day and a Photgrapher and Guitar Player by night. The Lending industry is where I've hung my career hat since graduating from the University of South Carolina in 1990 but playing the guitar and more recently, taking pictures are the 2 things that really keep me sane. In a perfect world, if you asked, I'd tell you that those 2 things are what I'd REALLY want to do for a living.

After spending 7 years in Charlotte working for LendingTree.com, I moved here to Asheville with my wife, Christine in May of 2007. I plan to stay here helping people with their mortgage needs and taking photos for a very long time (unless, of course, I get the call to fill in for Eddie Van Halen). :-)

I've had a passion for music and photography since attending college. I graduated with a degree in Media Arts and excelled in studies including Black and White Photography, Slide Photography, 3D Imaging, Film Making, and Audio Recording.

I put down the camera for a while after graduating to concentrate on my career and thanks to my wife, my love for photography was reinvigorated only a few years ago. Asheville is a great town to live in and the support has been wonderful. Living here has allowed me to show my work in local restaurants and local shows and sell some as well. That wouldn't have happened for me anywhere else.

Combining my real job with Photography, I give small pieces of my work to those customers of mine that I help buy a new home. It's a unique housewarming gift and something different from the usual Thank You card or a $10 gift card from Starbucks. :-) You can see examples of those in the "Gallery Wrap Canvas Examples" gallery.

I like both color and black and white and all of my work is done digitally. My subject matter varies and includes nature, travel, and architecture. Really anything. When you live in the mountains, you see a lot of the same stuff. Sunsets over the mountains, waterfallls, pictures of the trees in autumn. That stuff is great when done well, but I strive to do something that's maybe a little differnent from the norm. I hope you enjoy it.